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Cement Fiberboard BETOPAN, results of a meticulous work and of an advanced technology, is manufactured almost fully automatically. High quality Portland cement, scotch pine, fir, minerals and water are its raw materials.

The admixture ratios by weight are:

– 60% cement
– 25% wood
– 10% water
– 5% minerals

The production stages briefly are formulation of mixture recipe, pressing, cutting and drying.

The blend is seperated by grinding and chipping of the debarked logs in crushers and their mixture with cement and harmless chemicals in a mixer for a though mixture.

This blend is then pneumatically spread over steel boards and pressed by a multi-layered technique. Throughout the production process, the moisture, weights and temperature are controlled automatically by the system which immediately returns to the mixer any blends deviating from the present values.

The pressed panels are sent to the curing furnaces where they stay for eight hours and afterward stacked on pallets to cure under atmospheric conditions for four weeks and again returned to the curing furnace for reducing their moisture content to 9%. Upon leaving the furnace, the panels receive their side polishes and delivered to the quality control group performs a total visual control on the panels and carry out laboratory controls on samples taken and ships the approved parties to the stockyard.

Betopan Plus
Fiber cement Tepepan